Student Program

Our firm participates in the Ottawa Recruitment process annually. We offer a unique, hands-on environment for students seeking practical experience for summer or articling. Students play an active role in our firm, from the first initial client meeting to resolution. Our students work primarily in litigation, with some opportunities to assist in real estate transactions.

Typical tasks for a summer or articling student include:

  • Attending and observing client meetings, motions, trials and related court appearances;
  • Appearing on administrative matters before the Ontario Court of Justice, Ontario; Superior Court, or Provincial Offences Court;
  • Drafting pleadings and other court documents for civil, criminal, and family matters; and
  • Researching legal issues and preparing assessments on client matters.

Students will work closely with our lawyers and support staff, and will have opportunities to consult with the lawyers and support staff one-on-one in a collegial environment.

We hire one summer student and one articling student each year. Typically, students hired for a summer position will be considered in priority for an articling position. We also offer opportunities for flexible, part-time employment throughout the school-year.

If you are seeking a summer or articling position with our firm, please send an application package with your cover letter, resume, a copy of your post-secondary transcripts and law school transcripts, and a writing sample to Ken Dunham: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Applications will only be reviewed in accordance with the recruitment procedures and timeframes set by the Law Society of Ontario.

Student Testimonials

“I joined Chiarelli Cramer Witteveen as a 2L student. From the start, I was given the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting litigation matters – both criminal and civil. I interfaced with clients, drafted pleadings and other court documents, and was given ownership of files. 

I returned to Chiarelli Cramer Witteveen for my Articles and was given even more opportunities to put my education into practice. As an Articling student at CCW, you can expect to work on challenging files. You will also spend a good amount of time at the courthouse practicing your advocacy. Above all else, you can expect close one-on-one mentorship and excellent feedback on your work. You will hone your lawyering skills working under Ken and Dilshad.

I recommend CCW for both 2Ls and Articling students. I truly believe I was afforded opportunities most aspiring litigators do not receive.” - Alexander Verrilli, Summer Student 2017-2018, Articling Student 2018-2019

“My summer and articling experience have been extremely rewarding. I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot and gain hands on experience with clients in real-time. Working here, I feel like I really am helping people, especially when we resolve a matter in a client’s favour. That is one of the best feelings for me because it’s what I came to law school to do.” - Jennifer Ho, Summer Student 2018 – 2019, Articling Student 2019-2020

“I could not have been more fortunate in my summer experience! Being a student at Chiarelli Cramer Witteveen meant I had numerous opportunities to be on my feet right after second year, interacting with clients and attending court. The atmosphere at the firm is very conducive to learning. I greatly appreciated the open-door policy and approachability of all the lawyers and the support staff.” 
- Desirée Hayward, Summer Student 2019-2020, Articling Student 2020-2021