Guardianship and Powers of Attorney (POAs)

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Criminal and quasi-criminal law

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Civil Litigation

Ken is a skilled litigation lawyer and practices exclusively in the area of civil litigation and criminal defence.

Ken is committed to working with clients to identify their goals and develop a strategy to achieve the best outcome possible. Ken is highly skilled and trained to advocate for his clients at every step of the litigation and dispute resolution process.

Ken has appeared at trial and appallet level courts in Ontario. In addition, Ken also represents clients before various administrative tribunals at both the federal and provincial levels.

Family Law

Dilly has successfully represented her clients in all levels of court. Dilly is a recipient of the Family Law Institute Prize in 2011-12. She takes a pragmatic approach in assisting her clients with issues related to separation and divorce, such as child/spousal support, and division of property. Although Dilly has successfully represented her clients in Family Court, she believes in assisting clients resolve their family law issues through mediation and outside the court system, and court should only be an option when it is in her client’s best interest.

Dilly’s goal is to provide you with a resolution that meets your needs in this difficult and emotional time. She strives to resolve your issues as soon as possible in a focused, constructive, and cost-effective manner while providing you with sound legal advice.

Our services include Litigation, Family Arbitration, Separation and Divorce, Adoption, Family Law and the Elderly, and Cohabitation and Separation Agreement.

Real Estate Law

Dilly is here to help guide you through the entire process of buying or selling residential real estate in the Ottawa area. Dilly is experience with:

  • Preparing and completing home purchases and sales;
  • Mortgage Refinancing;
  • Assisting with private transactions by preparing and reviewing purchase and sale agreements;
  • Assisting with new construction purchases by reviewing contracts and development documents;
  • Reviewing and opining on condominium status packages.

Dilly will take the time review your Agreement of Purchase and Sell, to meet with you to address questions, resolve issues and explain the process. Dilly will represent you at every step of the way and make sure your transaction is completed in a cost effective and timely manner.

Wills and Estate Law

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