Guardianship and Powers of Attorney (POAs)

Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care are instrumental documents in estate and long-term care planning. Having a set of clearly drafted Powers of Attorney can assist you to ensure that yourself and your loved ones will be taken care of if or when they no longer have the capacity to make decisions. However, sometimes capacity issues can arise where there are no Powers of Attorney in place, or even where the existing Powers of Attorney are being disputed.

If your loved ones are no longer able to care for themselves or their property, and if there are no Powers of Attorney in place, or if they are being disputed, you may need to apply to the court for the appointment of a Guardian.

Our experienced estates planning lawyer, Dilshad (Dilly) Mohamed, can assist you with the following estate planning and guardianship services:

  • Drafting and Executing Powers of Attorney;
  • Applying for Court-Appointed Guardianship;
  • Drafting a Management and Guardianship Plan for your loved one; and
  • Representing you in contested applications.

Contact us to see how we can assist you with your guardianship application(s) and/or Powers of Attorney today.